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"Wir laden die Fahrräder in das Auto."

Translation:We are loading the bicycles into the car.

April 14, 2014



What does this have to do with the Internet?


laden means "load", not only bicycles into a car but also a web page which is loading.

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That doesn't mean it should be on the internet exercise. Could be in sports one. I understand the logics, but having this and "I'm running by her side" in Internet is weird


Weird... unless you find it helpful being presented to the several ways a word may be used, as soon as possible.


1) Why is das Auto here not dative (i.e. dem Auto) given that 'in' is a dative preposition? 2) if for whatever reason it were 'das', isn't the contraction 'ins' mandatory for 'in das'?


First, contractions are almost never mandatory, though it sometimes sounds funny, if you don't use them. Actually, in formal written language the (arguably) preferred way is to not contract.

Edit: deleted the part with the dative... thanks to EeroK


I'm sorry, SorrisoMW, but your explanation is just plain wrong. In a "where" question the reply is ALWAYS in dative:

  • Wo bist du?
  • In meinem Haus. Im Auto. Am Meer. Auf dem Sofa. etc. etc.

And so is artischocke's claim that "in" would be a dative preposition. It isn't. "In" is a so called "Wechselpräposition" and it changes between accusative and dative, depending on the context. If the question is "Wo/Where?" it takes always the dative, but if the question is "Wohin/Where to?" you need the accusative ("Ich gehe ins Bett", "Ich fahre in die Stadt").

In this case it isn't that clear if it is "wo" or "wohin", but when there is also action involved (moving something, fitting something into something or anything like that) it is usually also accusative (at least I can't think of an exception). Another example with different verb, but a similar scenario:

"Verdammt! Meine Schlumpfsammlung passt nicht in den Koffer hinein!"


Ach! And another example that might clear it a bit:

"Wir laden die Fahrräder in das Auto auf der Straße"

I think this makes it clear, that the car isn't the location, but the "where to".


Correct, although to me it seems to be clear that it is "wohin" because of "into". It would be "in" otherwise.

Rule of thumb:

  • "into" - "in + accusative" (into the car - in das Auto)

  • "in" - "in + dative" (in the car - in dem Auto, im Auto)


Thanks. I seem to have started to forget the simplest things, like in being a Wechselpräposition. Time for a few rounds of skill strengthening...


cycles and bicycles are the same thing in the UK.


Dieser Satz sollte "Wir laden die Fahrräder ins Auto" sein.

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