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Francaises (French woman vs French men)

So how do you know if they are saying french men instead of French women?

January 30, 2018



Les françaises is the feminine form of the word, so it refers to (a group of) frenchwomen Les français is the masculine so it refers to a group of french men, or a group consisting of both french men and women. In french if there is even one man in the group it will take the masculine.


Your last sentence is a surprise. For a group, I have always used the gender of majority. Thanks for this tip!


Well, I have read there are some attempts being made in France now to change this and make the language more gender neutral in general, there is something of an ongoing debate from what I gather, so depending on the context/ audience I think you might be able to use the feminine for a mostly female group... but it is not traditionally accepted.

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