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How to say one of.

Hey Everyone. Now I know you can use 'einer meiner' to say 'one of my' but is this used for all genders? Or is 'einer meiner' just for one gender? And if so please write down the others below.


January 30, 2018



It depends on the gender of the noun.

Masculine -- Der Baum. Das ist einer meiner Bäume.

Feminine -- Die Katze. Das ist eine meiner Katzen.

Neuter -- Das Buch. Das ist eines meiner Bücher.


I think it is plural genitive of a possessive pronoun as in one of my many things .I checked the grammar table.


Hi, the gendering is only in Heikes example in the undefined articles eine, einer, eines When i mean only one of the group, in connection with a possessive pronoun in Example meine Bücher means all of your books eines meiner Bücher means only one of your books (For explanation im a German nativ speaker) so like Heike. Im since 5 Days in the Englisch - German course for learning more vocabulary and phrases.


err...thank you,helped a bit! o_o

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