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Japanese detective dramas

I am after some detective Japanese dramas like "Crisis Special Security Squad" for example...

Are you watching any? Which ones would you recommend? And why?

Thanks in advance for your help! Gwadinina

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January 30, 2018



I can recommend Aibou (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aib%C5%8D). It gives a good mix of characters and spoken style given the differences between the 2 main characters.

I have only watched the earlier seasons with Sugeshita (serious) and Kageyama (playful) so cannot comment on the post 2009 series. I think it's important to get a mix though. I was watching these after I completed JLPT 3 back in 2008 for some immersion and only just getting back into learning but assume they will remain valid!


Theres a Korean drama called Hello Monster and its really good.


I think this user is wanting them to practice listening comprehension, so something where the lines are spoken in a non-Japanese language probably won't help.

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