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What Level is it Possible to Reach in Chinese with Duolingo?

Those of you that have knowledge and experience in Chinese, and have already reached a useful level, what do you think of Chinese on Duolingo? What level of knowledge do you think is obtainable? I know for other languages here people say you may reach an A2 level or a low B1. But what about Chinese? I'm actually using three apps together: Duolingo, ChineseSkill, and HelloChinese. I'm curious how far one can get.

January 30, 2018

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I know this post is one year old but I also would like to know what you can achieve at best with this. I'd say by the look of the thematics it seems like an A2 level but I've not made it so far so I can't tell. Your advice ? Maybe an official could tell us ?

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