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Die Jacken von den Mädchen sind da

I dont quite understand something here - this is a genitive case (whose jackets are those) so how come it is not "der Maedchen"?

July 2, 2012



Though in English you apply Genitive, in German, there are two ways of denoting possession: direct Genitive (the girls' Jackets) and using von (the Jackets of the girls). Von however ALWAYS takes dative; hence it is den Mädchen (dative-plural).

Using genitive, the sentence would be:

"Die Jacken der Mädchen sind da."


There are different ways to talk about possessions in German:

  1. genitive ("die Jacken der Mädchen")
  2. von + dative ("die Jacken von den Mädchen")

The second option is more colloquial.


That really helped. Thank you!

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