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I speak portuguese and english, but Duolingo doesn't put them together (on my profile)

I speak portuguese and want to learn spanish from portuguese. Nonetheless, I want to learn french from english (since there isn't french from portuguese) and german from english. However, the system doesn't allow me to put them all at the top of the page (I have to change from "I know english" to "I know portugese" all the time).

April 14, 2014



I know that feeling, its hard to do the English for Japanese speakers course, and to do the other course avaliable for the english speakers. I read that Duolingo is going to try and fix it and make it easier to use.


I have exacly the same problem. I would like to learn spanish, but there is no spanish for polish speakers, so I learn spanish for english speakers. But still I want to learn english, witch in my case is not as good as I would like it to be. So I have a problem with switching between languages.

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