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Useful Olympic Phrases

I really like the idea of an Olympic lesson for the Korean lesson, but I had a few suggestions.

Words I'd like to know to follow them better: podium present the medals results torch (this may have been covered as "Olympic flame") injury alternate (athlete) "underdog" (as in an athlete unexpected to win) a surprise win parade of nations score scoring system cheating rivalry (as in "Mao Asada was Kim Yeona's only rival going into the Sochi Olympic Games.") International Olympic Committee

Does anyone else have some phrases or vocabulary you'd be interested in seeing added to the unit? I felt like that one could have had some more substance for the second to highest level posted.

January 31, 2018

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I also found "Olympic" lesson very timely while I was completing the Korean tree since Korea happens to host winter Olympic games this year in February! lol

Speaking of English word "underdog" there is no Korean counterpart as of now so it is "언더독" in Korean. It seems the government agency that oversees the Korean language is, in fact, seeking general public's idea on what should be the best Korean substitute for English word " underdog" at the moment! lol, Don't know why they are obsessed in having a Korean version when 언더독 is perfectly pragmatic, convenient to use.





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