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How to use Accusative personal pronoun and dative Dative personal pronoun

Ruf mich züruck (call me back) and Gib mir züruck ( give me back), in these 2 sentence are looking same but how mich and mir are differentiated? Ruf mich züruck - mich is Accusative personal pronoun Gib mir züruck - mir is Dative personal pronoun

how to identify which is accusative and dative in these kind of sentences? Please help me to understand.

January 31, 2018



I'm no German native, so expect better answers. But to put it simply, accusative is a direct form: you call someone. On the other hand, you give something to someone, so you use dative.

Some verbs do require one or the other, without it apparently being logical. For exemple "er fragt mich", he asks me, he asks a question to me; "er folgt mir", he follows me; "sie hilft mir", she helps me). Those, I just had to learn.

I hope this will be useful.


Just to add to Vabelie's explanation: In English, "me" can be either the direct object (Accusative Case), or indirect object (Dative Case). The "me" in "Call me back" is the direct object answering the question "who?". The "me" in "Give me back" is the indirect object answering the question "to whom?", for '"Give me back" is understood to mean "Give back to me". The Notes for the Dative Pronouns and Dative Preposition lessons will help you understand more clearly how German prepositions work. To add to the fun, some prepositions require Dative or Accusative Case depending on whether or not there is movement. Lots to learn. Enjoy.


First, it's a puzzling nightmare, then one day, it's just great fun ;)


Thanks for your answers, making me more clear

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