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Problem adding students

I had a student enrolled in one section and then I couldn't add any more students, so I went ahead and deleted the section and created a new one but still they can't join or at least they won't appear in my dashboard.

January 31, 2018



I have a problem. The program in our school (an optional after school program)is just beginning and I have students changing their minds and wanting to drop out and more students wanting to be added. In my "class" I have one girl listed twice. I wanted to delete one of the entries. I have two more students that need to be deleted and two more that need to be added. These are Spanish speakers who are learning English. My Spanish skills are basic. I tried to access a "help file" so that I could make these changes myself, but the only help file available is in Spanish and I don't think it explained how to delete students and how to add them. Could you please advise me (in English) with the steps here? Thanks!

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