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A lot of video games have the ability to change the language to Chinese or to hop on a Chinese server and play with Chinese players. I highly recommend trying this out to expand your vocabulary and learn some new words. I played some Minecraft this week and learned how to say things like zombies, iron ore, bow and arrow, etc.

January 31, 2018



Wow, this might be very useful for having an educational gaming experience! Why didn't I think of this sooner? (Don't worry, I upvoted. We'll keep you out of the downvote pit! :D)


Haha thanks :) I'm OK with being in the downvote pit, clearly not everyone likes mixing video games and language learning ^^


In this way you'll learn near-useless words like "andesite" instead of common expressions like "how are you?" :)

(And take a look at what "andesite" is in Chinese!)


Hmm, a major component of the Martian crust, I see; '安山岩' has the future potential to become a more useful word. It's not quite there yet, however (much like the Chinese space programme).


Yes, I mentioned this word because it is one of the few words that I didn't know when I played the game for the first time.

Any Chinese student who hasn't forgot all the geography he learned in the middle school may know "igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic". But few will delve into detailed classification of rocks. While andesite is the most common type of igneous rock, it is much less well-known than granite, which is widely used in architecture.

For some "serious" education on natural history, you can use Dwarf Fortress (which has no Chinese version), all the names of flora, fauna and minerals really confused me since I only know their names in Chinese.

(I think I'll just stop here, otherwise it will become a thread about gaming...)


I played some Minecraft this week and learned how to say things like zombies, iron ore, bow and arrow, etc.

How extraordinarily useful!

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