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"Jsou ta muzea poblíž našeho hotelu?"

Translation:Are those museums near our hotel?

January 31, 2018



Noticed that this is accepted with 'Are those museums nearby our hotel' - I wouldn't allow this as it is unnatural construction and learners need to understand that pobliz can translate as near or nearby (without having to come to the discussion thread to see the 'official' version.)


What is the difference between near and nearby here?


In English the proper plural of museum is musea (like datum/data, auditorium/auditoria, agendum/agenda; all fourth declension latin nouns). Musea should be allowed as an answer, even if museums is commonly used.


So would you expect someone to ask, "What is on the agendum for today?" Or to say, "There are auditoria on all floors of the school?" If you do, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. (And I will note that spell-check flagged "agendum" and "auditoria" as incorrectly spelled as I typed...)

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