"Hode, skulder, kne og tå"

Translation:Head, shoulder, knee and toe

January 31, 2018

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Og øyer, ører, mun og nese


The standard Norwegian version goes:

Hode, skulder kne og tå, kne og tå
Hode, skulder kne og tå, kne og tå
Øyne, øre, kinn å klappe på
Hode, skulder, kne og tå, kne og tå

Possible variations on line three are:

Øyne, øre, hake, nese, munn.
Øyne, øre, munn og nese og

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Thank you - I was actually mentally singing this to myself during a bout of insomnia the other night. It's a great time to practice DL vocabulary recall. Now I'll work on learning this second verse.


I did a kids work out this morning. Feeling the burn in my head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes


Hode, skuldre, knaer og taer! Interesting the standard Norsk version is all singular in the 1st verse.

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