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"Buď to děláme dobře, anebo to neděláme vůbec."

Translation:Either we do it well, or we do not do it at all.

January 31, 2018



Just curious, would you accept the more concise: "We either do it well or not at all."


We do accept it, although I'd think that is a different sentence.


Actually I think we either ... is the better translation


Of a different sentence.


So are you able to imply the subject or object in a sentence if theyve already been mentioned prior? Or do you need to include another pronoun


If "make" is offered as a correct interpretation of děláme, why is "Either we make it well, or we do not make it at all." not accepted?


"Either we do it well or we don't do it at all" is a familiar saying, but the translation with "make," it seems to me, should be an acceptable answer. Try reporting it if you get this exercise again.

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