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Student exchange tips

Later this year, I'm going to Germany for a student exchange. I am really working hard to improve my German. It would be great if anyone could share some tips for practising German, learning German and helpful books/sites.

January 31, 2018



Liking German newspapers' Facebook pages helped me gain vocabulary because I read a lot without even thinking about it. When I saw a word that I didn't know, I looked it up and the effort made me remember the word easily.

Quickly, I was able to read complete news articles without any help. Good luck! :)


Danke! I will definitely try that out


Definitely browse around Youtube for German channels you might like, so you can practice your listening skills. The great thing about Youtube is that you often can turn subtitles on; even the automatic ones are remarkably precise!

As for your stay: I'd recommend looking for a room in a house with other students, so you can practice German with them. There's still a chance that English will be the main means of communication though, so ideally, you would want a house with German instead of international students.

I'd recommend you to start of slowly with reading German. Try translations of books you already know, such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and the like. When you are in Germany, definitely check out some book stores, where you can read a bit without necessarily buying a particular book.

Will you be following a language course in Germany, by the way?


Danke! I am in high school. So it is slightly different. The exchange student will come to my house (to live and go to school) in about a month. Then I go stay with her/him in December. So, I don't think I'm following a Germany language course but I don't really know what that means.


Ah, you will stay at his/her house! That's excellent, you will be immersed in the real, colloquial German of a household.

What I meant to ask, will you be following a German course (i.e. classes, from a teacher) when staying there in December?


To be completely honest, I am not sure but it is something worth asking. What usually happens when the exchange students come over they go to the same classes as their host and as well as doing classes without the host (which I'm assuming is English). So, I am thinking when I go to Germany it will be a similar system.

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