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  5. "식당이 공원 근처에 있습니다."

"식당이 공원 근처에 있습니다."

Translation:The restaurant is near the park.

January 31, 2018



What is the difference between "가까이에" and "근처에" ??


They both mean near but 근처 means neighborhood or vicinity so 근처에 is literally "in the neighborhood/vicinity (of)"


Can you please explain a little more? I'm trying to understand, but I'm not really getting it.


"gun choe" in English is in the area of but is used in some similar situations where it can mean near but again is not exclusive. Many Korean speakers of English don't realize the because they have only learned one or two ways of saying in English do to lack of long term full exposure to English. Also, English speakers who only speak one language English have a similar lack of understanding in this area. It really takes a group of Multilingual English and Koreans in the group to pick up these nuances. Duo lingo is trying there best and have a great base platform. Now it is time to start encouraging cross cultural grouping of contributors when possible.


Oui, d'accord. Absolument! :D


Why is "The restaurant is in the vicinity of the park," not correct?


Is anyone a BTS ARMY here ??


Shouldn't "near to the park" be accepted, as well as "near the park"?


Nope, can't use "to" with "near" in English. "X is near Y" or "X is close to Y" work. "X is near to Y" and "X is close Y" do not.


Why is "the restaurant is in the vicinity of the park" wrong?


I think because vicinity means more like 'really close to something' but 근처에 meaning is more like it's close as in a few mile radius sort of close? Also I feel like maybe because vicinity isn't a commonly used word in English?

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