The curious case of the ß

Hello Leute,

About that very special character in German, the ß. Here are two very interesting videos about the why's and how's of it. Non-Germans like myself will learn a lot while Germans might also find new pieces of information even if I assume that most of what he says it's taught to you in school:

The curious ß:


German has a new letter! (Sorta)

Andrew is a British guy who lives in Germany since the early 90's. He makes videos on all things German with a bit of that special British humour. I recommend you have a look at his channel should you be interested in those topics.


1 year ago


thank you so much

1 year ago

You're welcome.

1 year ago
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Nuno - I wish I had seen these videos earlier. Thank you so very much!

1 year ago

You're welcome slamRN. They're informative indeed.

1 year ago
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