"We will contact you."


January 31, 2018

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...when pigs can fly


When does 跟(人) come before the verb, and when does it go after? Is there a rule to know when you place it where?


I believe it always comes before the main verb (which is 联系 "to connect with" here; the English translation is somewhat misleading.) When there is a hrlping verb such as 会 here, it can go before or after the helping verb. Off hand, I can't think of a situation where it must go before or must go after the helping verb. Changing that order changes the feel of the sentence, but both are correct.


Yeah, the issue is in a bunch of cases it comes after 会 and in a bunch it comes before. I guess you'd have to say here 'Hope we will with you keep in touch', rather than 'Hope we with you will keep in touch', but this site lacks such an explanation.


Glad to see that 我们会联系你 is also accepted

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