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I cannot add or allow students to join my classes.

They log in using their Google accounts, type in the join code, and click through the steps, but they never appear in my classes. I've had other teachers try, too, with both school-issued Gmail accounts and personal accounts. Not a single student or person has been able to get in. I am using Duolingo for Schools to avoid the vocabulary "beer" and "wine."

Update: I rushed through the placement tests to level up (mentioned in another forum that you need a minimum of 2--it would be nice if Duolingo would publish this information clearly for teachers), but the students who previously registered still do not show up. Will they have to go through the process of joining the class again?

Update 2: I had a test student try to join after I took the placement test and leveled up, and it still would not let her join. On her end, it seemed like it worked. On mine, she never appeared.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

January 31, 2018



Hello Aaron and welcome to Duolingo! Could you please move this post to the dedicated Educators forum? https://www.duolingo.com/topic/909

In order to do this you will need to a) be level 2 in any course, b) edit this post and select the appropriate forum from the drop down menu. Please do not create another post there, just move this one. When you get to level 2 you will be able to access forum subscriptions to the various forums.


I did this, but I am still having problems with getting my students signed up.


At the moment there are more complaints about this issue.

Please send a bug report via

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