"I do not care what you think."

Translation:Mir ist egal, was Sie glauben.

March 19, 2013

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Can it be written as "Was denkst du ist mir egal"


and "das ist mir gleich."?


I suppose you could say that as well: Es ist mir gleich, was Sie glauben.


I see no negation in this sentence, how is Mir ist egal nicht different from Mir ist egal? "I do not care" . . . "I do not care" ??????


it might help as a sort of bridge to your understanding if you think of "mir ist egal" along the lines of "it's the same to me" (i.e. to you're indifferent to whatever is at stake) which brings you closer to "I don't care". In which case, "Mir ist nicht egal" would then amount to something like, "it's not the same to me" implying "i do care [what you think]."


Oh alright. Thankyou so much! I guess google translate is to blame. That makes more since cause all I think of when I look at egal is "equal". So could you say "Mir ist nicht egal"?

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Natives and experts, please critique my incorrect attempt: "Ich sorge nicht, was du denkst".


The verb ‘sorgen’ means “care” in the sense of “taking care of” someone, as in ‘Ich sorge für Dich’ = “I'm taking care of you”. The noun ‘Sorge’ means “care” in the sense of “worry”, as in ‘Ich mache mir keine Sorgen um deine Gedanken’ = “I'm not worrying about your thoughts.”. But there's no usage of ‘sorgen’ corresponding the the sense of “give a damn” in the sentence “I do not care what you think.”


Same question here, I just couldn't think of the "Mir ist egal" expression.


Why is it incorrect guys? "Es ist egal für mich was du denkst."


For the same reasons that it's wrong in English to say “It's all the same for me.” instead of “It's all the same to me.”: it's unidiomatic, and can be interpreted in many other ways.


Why not "Mir ist egal, was glaubt ihr?"

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