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  5. "她对美国文化感兴趣。"


Translation:She is interested in American culture.

January 31, 2018



It would be good to have a hover-over hint for what job "对" does in this sentence. I haven't learned this yet so would like to understand.


It can be translated as "towards" or "to" in this case. Literally: She shows an interest towards American culture. Likewise, the phrases in Chinese for face to face or counterpart/rival also use 对 in this way.


It's a grammar structure element. (I actually just learned about it yesterday in class!) What I learned is 对。。。感兴趣 (dui ... ganxingqu). Insert a noun in the 。。。space and it's like "have an interest in 。。。"

I think 有兴趣 is just another way to say it.


Yes, but 有兴趣 is more for a verb, so it'd be, for example, 我有兴趣了解美国的历史和文化。

Edit: Thank you Raphael for pointing it out. What I meant was that 有兴趣 was less accurate and more colloquial than 感兴趣, but now I don't see how that is: both are more or less the same in terms of 'accuracy' and 有兴趣 sounds more colloquial.


In that example, 有兴趣 is not interchangeable with 感兴趣. However, it's perfectly fine to say 对...有兴趣, which is equivalent to 对...感兴趣

[deactivated user]

    Please accept "他对美国文化感兴趣" for the "Type what you hear" exercise


    US culture should be accepted the same as American culture (as American can potentially refer to more than 美国)


    Does America have a culture though

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