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Difference between entendre and ecouter question on the tips and notes.

Having finished my French tree without doing more than glance at the tips and notes, I am now going through these very helpful notes.

In the section on Ecouter and Entendre I find

J'entends du bruit = I hear noise Elle ne veut rien entendre = she won't listen.

The second sentence seems to me to be listening (or not listening in this case) in an intentional way.

But Ecouter is said to be listening to in an intentional way. So, why isn't 'she won't listen' 'elle ne veut rien ecouter'?

Sorry no accents here. Just assume them!!

Thanks for your answers.

January 31, 2018



I think it's more or less a set phrase. You could say that someone 'just doesn't want to hear it' in English, when they reject an idea or advice or upsetting information. I think it's just one of the idiosyncrasies of the language. We have enough of them ourselves.


Check here (""Entendre" and "écouter" in French"): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2703281/


Écouter is be "to listen" and Entendre is "to hear".

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