"You eat bread."

Translation:Tu mănânci pâine.

January 31, 2018

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Conjugating verbs hurts!


If you speak english yes. If not, conjugating verbs should't, it's very sistematic


I still can't get when it's ă and when â


In this case, the verb is mânca, and all the present conjugations get -ăn- in the middle except noi and voi.

A MÂNCA (to eat)
1S eu mănânc
2S tu mănânci
3S el mănâncă
1P noi mâncăm
2P voi mâncați
3P ei mănâncă

Other than that, it's just the way you spell the word. Mănânci and pâine are spelled that way to reflect how they're pronounced. Is there some system in English as to when it's o and when it's a?


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'A mânca' is an irregular verb in the official, literary language. But it is regular in some of the spoken dialects of western Romania: eu mânc, tu mânci, el mâncă, ... ei mâncă.


Are 3rd person singular and plural conjugations always the same?


Whats the difference between mananc and mananci


The first is first person present, the second is second person present.


My native language is Romanian and Russian yet I got every single one of them wrong, it's maybe because I speak a lot more English, French, Spanish and Russian at home. Any tips besides practicing?


What did you get wrong...?


Like they always say, no pâine, no gâine...


As I didn't know to whom I was speaking I considered 'you' to be 'voi' not 'tu'. Of course I got some 'a' wrong; I frequently do.


Are you sure you used the correct verb form for plural too?

The sentence for you plural would be:

"Voi mâncați pâine."


Hâț cu lapte!


How do you know when to use â and î ? Im just winging it atm


This language is so difficult


True story. Fun fact, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), which trains U.S. diplomats in a world language prior to sending them overseas, has classified Romanian as a Category 1 language. Languages at this level are considered the easiest to learn for English speakers, so people may take Romanian thinking it's a relatively easy learn given its classification.

Oh boy, are those Romanian learners in for a rude awakening, lol

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