"Men eat faster than women."

Translation:Männer essen schneller als Frauen.

January 31, 2018

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I can definitely prove that statement wrong, singlehandedly. :]


I doubt anyone could proof or disproof this "singlehandedly".

The german sentence does not mean, that all men eat faster than women. It says in german that in average men eat faster than women (and to proof or disproof this you would need to have a statistic about big parts of the population and their eating speed.


That's at least the usual intention or interpretation, if you assume that the listener is willing to get you right... From the linguistic point of view, it is a general statement if you omit the articles. So depending on your definition of "generally", it can mean "all" or "most". I would add something to make the statement clear. Alle Männer essen schneller als Frauen. Die meisten Männer essen schneller als Frauen. Im Mittel essen Männer schneller als Frauen.

What I want to say is that it's not clear and invites to discussions like this one, which is proven by the first comment ;-).


Guys I was just kidding. I commented a lighthearted joke just to counteract all the political comments that would be made about how "this isn't true at all!!!1!11" or whatever. It's a joke.


What is singlehandedly? What does that mean?


It means "without help from any other person". It does not mean that you can do it with one hand. A "hand" can also refer to a person, particularly in a nautical context, as in the expression "all hands on deck" and that is the meaning of "hand" in the expression "singlehandedly".


Thanks roman, it only took 5 months for someone to answer my question!


Doing something singlehandedly usually means being able to do something by him/herself, and easily (to the extent that the person can do it with one hand instead of two).

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    You haven't met my friend


    Women live longer than men. Coincidence? Methinks not.


    I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I was choking on an orange...


    Yes, in general in developped countries they do live longer. There are multiple reasons for this, one being that they tend to go more often to the doctor!


    Really? I don't know duo. I think someone should do a study.


    The word schneller threw me off here. In my mind it was being altered for a noun even though there wasn't one immediately after it.

    Are these both correct? A fast dog - ein schneller hund A faster dog - ein schneller hund


    "A faster dog" would be "ein schnellerer Hund." One "-er" for the comparative and one to conjugate. Looks a little funny, but you do need both "-er"s.


    Guys it's just a practice sentence. No one's claiming it's fact. Now, "Men stink faster than women," on the other hand . . .


    ...on the other hand, your phrase "to stink faster than" is... what is that??

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