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  5. "Protože bys chtěla hrad!"

"Protože bys chtěla hrad!"

Translation:Because you would want a castle!

January 31, 2018



I think "Because you would like to have a castle." should be accepted. Of course this would translate to "Protože bys chtěla mít hrad", but I think the having is implied strongly enough, because what else would you want? Be one? Be romantically involved with one?


This is a very not intuitive sentence... A better one could be, for example, "Because then you would want an ice-cream too!" or "If I gave you a finger you would want the whole hand".


At least there is a conjunction word. I got the idiom alright.


I missed where the conditional was introduced above, using the past tense. There is no lesson 'conditionals'.


I think it is being introduced right here. It uses the past participle + a special form of "bych/bys/by...".


Certainly; still I hope there will be some notes for “Conj. 2” sooner or later. Of course Prague was not built in a day. ☺

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