"Ei varsă laptele lor."

Translation:They spill their milk.

January 31, 2018

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Does it mean that they spill their own milk or some others milk? Or can it mean both?


Very confused here! Spilling milk and puking milk are two very different things! "Puking" is also not a very nice word in English polite society (slang for vomiting).


Yes, but in Romanian a vărsa means both to spoil (a main sense) and to puke (a more secondary one).

I personally prefer a vomita (same root as English vomit). Other natives prefer a vărsa, others a voma, and others a borî for puking.


There are many words that are synonyms in one language but not in another. In English, a pinion is a wing and to hold someone's arms. In Spanish, "nadar" means "nothing" and "to swim."


"They puke their milk" doesn't make much sense...


@Duolingo , You must be more realistic, why should I learn faint? Why we spill our milk? We dont even learned the simple sentences like '' where are you from'' too hard to memorise the words we dont usually use, In 40 years I spilled milk 2 or 3 times.

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