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Japanese Help

I have started learning japanese yesterday and things aren't going great at all... I have had trouble learning this learning this language and need some help.

If you can help me, I will follow you!


January 31, 2018



It’s still in beta, so a little rocky still. I recommend practicing the Hiragana and Katakana with an app, as it’s a good supplement.


Some time ago I found a series of apps called "Write it", they are quite good as they give actual "writing" practice by drawing with finger on screen. There is a Japanese one, it may be of some help for beginners having trouble with kana ^.^


You started learning Japanese yesterday and are surprised things aren't going great? And here I thought I was impatient! ;)

Learning a language is always a journey and some are longer than others. Japanese is one of the harder ones to learn for Westerners because not only do you have to get familiar with three new "alphabets" but the lack of spaces and how sentences are built are also things we are not used to. However, nothing is impossible and as long as you find it fun and interesting, you will make progress.

And hey, feel free to use my motto: No matter how little I learn, I still know a heck of a lot more than I did before!



I'm reading Genki and Tae Kim's Grammar Guide, both are really good for beginners ( but Tae Kim's book works better as a supplemental resource, a reference book )


Yes, I've been trying Japanese recently, and it is very difficult.

You might want to try another app for Katakana and perhaps Hiragana, (I was able to understand Hiragana fine, but once I got to Katakana I was lost).

Best of luck to you!


What are you having trouble on exactly?


One tip, that is better than all, NEVER GIVE UP!!


Everything here is excellent advice. Japanese is one that requires multiple learning tools- ditto to Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese and Kana writing practice! I have also seen a lot of people recommend Lingodeer (?) here as well. I haven't tried it myself....

For Duolingo, I work on Japanese everyday. Usually I strengthen my skills four times before I proceed to the next lesson.

Just a little background: I am just starting Japanese (going on to week 4). I am using the Genki 1 book (self-study, but following a syllabus that UAF has online) For grammar help I use Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese For speaking, I am doing a Pimsleur once a day for half an hour (I just added it in 10 days ago since I don't have anyone to speak with). Duolingo is used for more hands-on practice.

I have the second part of Pimsleur coming in, but I am going to see how confident I feel about practicing with Japanese speakers at the end of 30days. The next step is using iTalki for language exchange and then tutoring... maybe once a week?

Have patience with yourself. Try and figure out how badly you want to be immersed into the language. Is this more of a killing time sort of pastime? Is your goal to be fluent?

Figure out your goals, then divide up your time and conquer! For a long time I have been interested, but I am finally ready to be fully invested now. Again, have patience with yourself and do your best. がんばってね!!!

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