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The difference from Keine and nicht?

I will be going to Germany soon and I don't know the proper words for sentences. Does anyone know the difference from Keine and nicht?

January 31, 2018



keine acts like an article (if you use ein/eine/ein and just put a k in front you always get keine). Nicht negates the verb.

Ich habe keine Freunde. I have no friends. Ich schlage den Hund nicht. I do not hit the dog.


"kein" is used to negate a noun that would be modified with an indefinite article "ein".

"nicht" negates a verb, adjective or adverb or a specific noun.

"Ich habe eine Katze." "I have a cat." "Ich habe keine Katze." (feminine noun) "I have no cat." or "I do not have any cat." or "I don't have any cat." (In English we also can use a plural in the negative.)

"Ich habe keinen Apfel." (masculine noun) "I have no apple." or "I don't have any apple." or "I do not have any apple."

"Ich habe kein Bett." (neuter noun) "I have no bed." or "I don't have any apple." or "I do not have any apple."

"Ich sehe nicht die Katze." I do not see the cat. "Ich sehe nicht den Apfel." I do not see the apple. "Ich sehe nicht das Bett." I do not see the bed.

"Ich bin nicht traurig." I am not sad. "Er raucht nicht." "He is not smoking." or "He isn't smoking." or "He does not smoke." or "He doesn't smoke."

"Wir schwimmen nicht schnell." "We do not swim quickly." or "We don't swim quickly." or We are not swimming quickly." or "We aren't swimming quickly."

http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/nicht http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/kein


its like Keine =no or none of A thing nicht is like nothing or none of many things


nicht is also not :)

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