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Bugs in learned word list

For curiosity I checked my learned word list. I saw that there is a little bug. Some words was marked as "not trained" for more than one year, and that I was sure it wasn't true. I repeated exactly the specified lesson, and the words still continue to be marked as "not trained" for more than one year, whilst the other words of the lesson are marked as trained five minutes ago. Sample list: "Wohnung, braucht, spiele, Wohnzimmer, Tisch, euer, Vogel"

January 31, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Those stats are not correct... I have a ton of words where it says I haven't practised them in a year and I've done them for the past couple of months.


    So you did not make any mistakes on those words? You didn't check the hover hint? I wonder why they still think you need to practice these words? Did you try reloading or refreshing the page?'

    It may be that a word appeared in your practice, but it was not the original sentence to learn that word in.


    I have that same problem. I will give you the advice some one gave me: Don't worry about it.


    :) Of course I don't worry. I wanted only to report a bug, not to complain

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