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  5. "Ty hrady jsou velké."

"Ty hrady jsou velké."

Translation:Those castles are big.

January 31, 2018



I get confused, doesn't "Ty" means "you"? Or it has two meaning..


Ty is either the singular of ty (you) or plural of ten (those)


What is the difference between "Ty" and "Ti" - "ti muži / ty hrady" for example? And how do you know when to put letter "Y" at the end of the word?


See the Tips and notes, ti is for the masculine animate gender, ty is for masculine inanimate.


Branimire, postoji razlika kako je češki saradnik Vlada objasnio.

U češkom je to drugačije nego u našem jeziku.

"Ti" se koristi samo za sve žive imenice muškog roda u množini, dok "Ty" za sve nežive imenice muškog roda kao što je "Hrady" (neživa imenica muškog roda u množini), ali i generalno (i nežive i žive) imenice ženskog roda u množini kao što su "Ženy" (živa imenica ženskog roda) i "Tabulky" (neživa imenica ženskog roda).

Pozdrav :)


Hvala na objašnjenju, Marko :)


Here we have "ty" versus a few challenges ago we had "to" for hrady (masculine). Also, why isn't the adjective velci' that I thought was a masculine adjective. I am really confused and making too many errors. Aiuta, per favore.


Please see my comment below regarding why velcí is not correct here.

I don't know what the other sentence was, but I would guess that it probably used the to jsou or jsou to construction. In those constructions, the to usually stands for "they" or "those"... but it does not directly modify a noun. Here, ty is a demonstrative pronoun modifying hrady, indicating that we're talking about some specific ("those") castles.


Could I also translate this as "Those are big castles"?


That would be To jsou velké hrady. The course distinguishes between the two.


If castle is masculine inanimate, and Velky' hrad is a big castle, why is velci' hrady not correct?


That would be because velcí is used for masculine animate nouns. You can see the full declension at this handy site (click Show Declension) if the table isn't visible: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/velk%C3%BD.

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