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AU Japanese Commercials - Folktale References

Forgive me... I tend to go full circle to get to the point.

Ok, I just stumbled upon this awesome site that features Japanese music videos and lyrics- with Kanji!! (It is a Vietnamese site, so extra points for those of you trying to learn all three languages! For those who aren't there is always GoogleTranslate) http://pikasmart.com/videos/yattemiyou-408

One song called や っ て み よ う by Wanima (the one linked above) featured footage from AU commercials.

Well.. I noticed that 松田 翔太 (Shota Matsuda) was in there and ended up watching a whole slew of AU commercials because of it. :D

In the commercials, there are references to both folk and fairy tales. I recognized the one about the rolling rice ball (thank you to the subtitlers who did such an awesome job explaining that in ホタルノヒカリ !!!) and Cinderella, but... I don't know the others.

Anyone who understands these references, would you mind enlightening me of their meanings??? Thanks!


February 1, 2018



すごい! I wish I could tell who gives us what... but for the lingot, ありがとう! :)


I could be wrong, but I believe the cherry blossom one (right after the Cinderella reference) is a reference to a story called 花咲か爺さん (read as はなさかじいさん).


Thank you so much!!!

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