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  5. "我不忙。"


Translation:I'm not busy.

February 1, 2018



Why is there 很 in this sentence: 你们都很忙

but not in this sentence? 我不忙


Hi, it explained in the Tips section that when you're using 不 (not) you don't need 很 to connect the subject to the adjective. Remember, 很 does not translate to the english verb 'to be' but is used in place of a verb here.

你们都很忙。 You all are busy. 你们都不忙。 You all aren't busy.

我不忙。 I'm not busy. 我很忙。 I'm busy.

In a sentence with a verb you just add the 不 in front of the verb: 不是 不叫


On tips section of this lessson says thay when we use 不 we don't need to use also 很. The example that you made indeed yiu don't use 不, that's what I learnt , maybe your meaning is another!


I haven't gotten to this lesson yet, if its still even in this lesson any more, but 很 means "very" and used to connect adverbs iirc.

So if i read this correctly its

"You're very busy"


Why is 'drunk' given in all of these lessons as an option?? When do we get to actually learn it?!? feeling trolled


The first stage: denial


I no busy

Why not 我 不 是 忙?


Here 忙 is not an adjective (like adjectives in English). Technically, you must use the suffix -的 to mark an attribute of an object. The following sentence is grammatically correct:

我不是忙的。(this is an very awkward expression, don't say this in real life)

The usage of 忙 itself is somehow similar to a verb. Thus 我不忙 is a correct expression. If you know Japanese and Korean, you'll see similar phenomena in these languages too.


Ok so , just to test myself if I understood, if we use 忙 before we dont need 是 and if we use 不 we don't need to use 很, did i say everything right?


不忙 is a composite word that is an adjective meaning "not busy". Similarly, you can say 我不好 to mean "I am not good", or 我不笨 to mean "I am not stupid"


What about I ain't busy if you're southern[


Why use busy? Better to say "I ain't doin' nuthin'.."

Busy sounds so northern.


I learn Chinese with an alive ( stuck in quarintine teacher and we never learned this and we are way way pass this level of Chinese.


不 - is the pronunciation of this a soft 'p' or 'b' ? It seems to change in the audio.

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