"There remains no food."

Translation:No queda comida.

March 19, 2013



The sentence being translated - "There remains no food" - is poor English. It should be "There is no food left". Or "no food remains".

February 4, 2014


Yes, it is very awkward and unnatural. Who comes up with these things?

June 10, 2014


no hay mas comida. What is wrong with that?

June 2, 2013


i agree no hay mas comida also sounds right to me

July 13, 2013


you are saying there is no more food.Within context it's correct but in translation it's not it should be more like there none left. I hope this helped, I also got it wrong.

February 3, 2014


kathy- there,s no reference for más in the sentence, but in another sentence, it could mean the same.

May 3, 2014


"No queda ninguna comida" -

Can it be also correct, or even a better translation ?

October 28, 2013


This is another answer that is right for the context, but not as a translation of the given phrase. With "No queda ninguna comida" means that "there is not any more food remaining", or "there is not any food remaining at all", which is adding to the sentence things that are not there.

May 2, 2014


I think so too, and will submit the suggestion to Duolingo. Googling the sentence finds real Spanish examples.

February 3, 2014


In english it sounds poor. But not in spanish.

February 4, 2014


"No comida queda" did not work and I'm not sure why.

September 7, 2013


Although the meaning is the same, the syntax (word order) of the Spanish sentence is different. The verb "queda" comes before the direct object "comida." When you translated it, you put the object in the subject position. In Spanish, the understood "there" is a placeholder in the spot where the subject should be. English has placeholders as well, such as the words "there" and "it." For example, consider the sentences: It is good food. There are the apples. See:


In Spanish, the "no" modifies the verbs, not the nouns. So Spanish speakers say "There is not food." They do not say "There is no food." With the word "quedar," Spanish speakers use "there" as a placeholder. They do not use "it as a placeholder because the word "it" can be understood as the subject of "queda."

December 21, 2013


Report a problem does not work.

March 7, 2014


is 'No Sobras Comida' correct?

March 19, 2013


It should be

March 7, 2014


Why is 'no queda nada comida' not correct?

May 11, 2014
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