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The exercises are too difficult!

The French exercises, particularly the gerund timed exercises, are much more difficult than their Spanish, Italian and Portuguese counterparts. The statements are esoteric and too long for the time allowed

February 1, 2018



then do the normal exercises till you get stronger


the normal exercises are also rather complicated, I wish there were a step in between.


are you doing timed practice? If you feel rushed, then you can do the lessons that are not timed, and get a better foothold.

I don't know the exact sentences you are talking about, and maybe they really are esoteric. Examples?


okay, to see what you mean, I went and did those exercises. They certainly are not simple. Here is an example: "On ne peut pas être heureux en ayant peur de tout" (one can not be happy while being afraid of everything) – and that is one of the simpler ones.

It seems the sticky point in many of them might be the verb "avoir", (ayant) and if that is the case, you can practice avoir, that should make the rest easier. I'm just guessing here. The sentences certainly were knotted!


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