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First Year German Textbooks


Although I love online learning and ebooks, for me there is nothing like the tactile sensation of a real book in my hands. Sometimes it just makes it easier for me to learn.

I have been searching online for a source of cheap German textbooks and I am really coming up empty. Think of how many students have taken at least first year German in high school and college over the last 60 years...there has to be literally thousands and thousands of books floating around out there.

But, when I search Amazon and Ebay, the choices are slim....and if I want a book in good condition, the choices are sehr teuer!!!

So, my question to you all is....is there any source out there for used textbooks that won't cost me an arm or a leg? I am talking hard copy, not Archive.org or Gutenburg...I want a book in my hands and I really don*t care if it is from 30 or 40 years ago as long as it covers basic grammar and is in good condition....and it must be cheaper than 60 bucks like they are on Amazon....

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Bis Dann!


February 1, 2018


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But, when I search Amazon and Ebay, the choices are slim

Strange! I assume from your user name that you're in the US. When I search on amazon.com for "German textbook" I get lots of relevant results. Just some random ones from the first page:

Modern German (Hardcover), Used - good condition, $5.57, free shipping
Komm Mit!: Level 1 (Hardcover), Used - good condition, $6.49, free shipping
Deutsch Aktuell, Level 1, Used - Good condition, $6.56, free shipping

Sorry, can't link directly to the hits since DL's forums have trouble with long, complicated links, but searching for those titles in Amazon should get you there.



Thanks for the awesome reply, but I guess I should have explained more. I have had terrible experiences with 'good' condition books from third party sellers. I guess my definition of 'good' is different from theirs, lol...so....anyway what I should have said is that Amazon doesn't seem to have used books in very good conditon for cheap. I would think with the millions of books in people's garages there would be more....the books on Amazon seem to jump to $65 or more for old old textbooks even....but I thank you for looking out for me!!


Thanks so much! I will head over there now!


I can't help a lot more than pont has but you might not want books that are before 1996 just due to the language reform act and the change in the spelling of many things.


Oh don't worry too much about that...I have been reading tons of old books from Archive.org and Gutenberg and I can tell the diff between things like SS and ß....and believe me, reading free books is a great way to increase one's vocabulary! What kills me is the old font...Gothic or Fraktur...now, that is tough! Letter S looks like letter F and so one....it gives me a headache, lol!

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