"Sasa ni saa nne na robo"

Translation:Now it is a quarter past ten

February 1, 2018

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"It is now quarter past 10" should also be acceptable, as "It is now" and "Now it is" are both correct English syntax.


I agree...I'm sorry but i can't read their mind. The question before also started with sasa. One time you need to put "Now it is" and the next time you need to put "It is now"... It's just a guess hoping you get it how they are thinking!


you can also say a quarter after 10 as well as 10:15

[deactivated user]

    In (American) English, it is very common to leave out the "a" and use "after" instead of "past": Now it's quarter after ten. Should be one of the accepted variants. Reported 4-Mar-2019.


    Ten fifteen was considered wrong


    I wrote "Now it is" in the previous sentence, and got told ot was wrong and should be "It is now", so I write "It is now" in this one, and get told it's wrong and should be "Now it is"


    I tried to put in the answer exactly as written and it still counted me wrong


    If you put an a in the sentence it is counted wrong.

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