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  5. "Sasa ni saa nne na robo"

"Sasa ni saa nne na robo"

Translation:Now it is a quarter past ten

February 1, 2018



you can also say a quarter after 10 as well as 10:15


I tried to put in the answer exactly as written and it still counted me wrong


If you put an a in the sentence it is counted wrong.


I don't understand. It seems that it's saying "a quarter past four."


In Swahili, apparently, the day starts at sunup (6am) and ends at sunset (6pm). So you have to add or subtract 6 to the Swahili time to get our time, and vice versa. So, 4:15 our time would be 10:15 in Swahili.


In (American) English, it is very common to leave out the "a" and use "after" instead of "past": Now it's quarter after ten. Should be one of the accepted variants. Reported 4-Mar-2019.

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