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HELP i want to do better at speaking and writing sentences!!!

I am looking for a website that does either of these things (I know duolingo does some of these things but it takes forever to get there and I am a quick learner so the quicker the difficulty progresses, the better I understand);

  • Has spoken (out aloud) conversations with me to help strengthen speaking

  • Asks for me to write basic sentences and as I progress the sentences become more complex

  • Has a long German paragraph, and it asks you to translate the paragraph etc


  • Jasmine
February 1, 2018



See also: LingVist (search with CTRL-F in the browser):

  • Totally 469 URL links here + thumbnails: See also for possible resources:
  • Language: Natural: German: Can you give some links about German? [URL] https://goo.gl/UnCywS


You need a tutor, not a website. Try italki.com maybe.

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