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"Wir sprechen von meinem Auto."

Translation:We talk about my car.

February 1, 2018



If you were talking to someone, using your mobile, and they asked where you were, how might you translate: "I'm speaking from my car."?


'Ich spreche aus meinem Auto' would be how you say it


I want to know that too.


I doubt you would use ‘speaking’ or ‘talking’ at all in that case in German. I think you would just say ‘I'm in my car’ (‘ich bin im Auto’) or something similar. If you were actually speaking out of your car, instead, you could say ‘ich spreche aus meinem Auto’, but I doubt you'd use it in the context of speaking on the phone. Then again, I'm not a native speaker, so I might be wrong.


I would also like to know how to say this


I wish Duolingo would not put these types of exercises in without explaining these nuances. I learned von meant from, not about, in this lesson. It's confusing.


I think it's actually good. If you travel to a German speaking country, people will be using words in contexts and ways you are not used to from lessons. The ability to adapt and learn as you encounter unfamiliar phrases is crucial to language learning.

I also would not recommend relying solely on duolingo for lessons.


Can you also use über? Wir sprechen über mein Auto?


How is "We are speaking OF my car" not correct?


It should be. "We speak of my car" and "We speak about my car" are synonymous in English. If one is accepted as a correct translation, so should the other. I reported the same thing.


can I use either von or über in this sentence? would it change the meaning much?


You can use both without changing the meaning. But note that they need different cases: "über" + accusative, "von" + dative.


"We are talking" should be correct.


why couldn't this read "we are speaking from my car"


Why is it "von"? I thought "von" meant 'from'.


You can't always translate word by word. Particularly prepositions are used very differently in different languages. You should rather learn complete phrases. "to talk about" is "sprechen von" in German.

And btw., there are lots of different possible translations for "von", It can e.g. also mean "of".


Is it correct to interpret than that "von meinem Auto" means about my car and "aus meinem Auto" is from my car?


in principle yes. Though I#d rather translate "aus meinem Auto" by "out of my car" in many contexts.


Why not "We are talking about my car?"


I put: We are speaking of my car but Duo replied: You used the wrong word. We talk about my car.

Which of my words is wrong?


I am not clear about prepositions in German. Sometimes "von" is used fro "from", sometimes "about". The same is with other prepositions as well. Can anyone give a clear explanation?


Prepositions never match 1:1 between languages. You should rather learn the complete phrases they appear in. E.g. "to talk about" is "sprechen von" or "sprechen über". That's how you would find it in good dictionaries as well.


How would you translate 'what do you talk about my car?' Was ist mit du sprichst von meinem Auto?


"Was sprichst du von meinem Auto?"


Can we say" wir sprechen über mein Auto"?


Yes. And it is accepted as well.

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