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Learning German through Duolingo

I am starting learning German as my third language through Duolingo. I did a little bit of research on learning German (basically any new language), and I found that first of all you need to think in the target language and remove the translation step.

My first language is Hindi and my second language is English. I spoke Hindi first and learnt English first in school and since the age of 2 have always been taught in English.

But when I speak, I am not extremely fluent in English and I believe there is some translation going on in my mind (and now I translate German to English). And I do not want that to happen to any other language I learn.

As Duolingo is the only resource I have, do any of you guys know any useful resource to help me do that?

Also, please share your experience of learning a language with the translation in your head.

Also, if anyone of you has learnt a language using Duolingo as their only tool, are you able to have fluent conversations?

February 1, 2018



I absolutely love Nicos Weg (Completely free). I honestly think it's far better than Duolingo's, because it has native audio, colloquial speech, thousands of exercises, and completely explains the grammar from a - z. I'd continue to do the Duolingo course, but would recommend to use that, also.


Danke. I looked it up and got quite a good sense of how German works and now I think I can continue with Grammar, vocab and pronunciation simultaneously myself. And then dive into toddlers books and movies.


I am so currently learning German on my own. My first language is English and I live and work in South Korea. I found "Get Germanized" to help a lot, because it's free and you can go at your own pace.


Sadly, I don't think Duolingo is enough to be able to have fluent conversations, but I think it is a very good tool to start with the basics!!


Thanks, I will look into that.


I'd practice the four skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening. The more you think in a language, the sooner you'll stop translating. For reading, I like this dictionary extension. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/right-click-wordreference/imlghgeccllgnicjlpjbkenmpljikeal?hl=en For writing and speaking our students use www.language-exchanges.org. Language partners for speaking and writing. For listening, you have a number of options. I use Netflix a bunch. Most of their content is in a bunch of languages and you can usually set the audio and subtitles. Finally, if you don't have a textbook yet, this is free from the University of Texas. http://coerll.utexas.edu/dib/ Good luck.


Hey, dieser Kurs ist einfach toll :)

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