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I finished the tree!

After 18-months – and a restart last September – I have finally finished the Norwegian tree, and it's all gold! (Particularly proud of that bit.) Having just started dipping my toe into other online resources, I'm delighted at how much I understand already, and now feel confident to head off into the wider world as an independent learner. :-)

A massive thank you to the Norwegian team, not just for devising and maintaining the course, but for the tireless effort put into answering queries on this forum; it's been like having a proper tutor, and has made a huge difference to my learning.


Next stop: level 25!

February 1, 2018



Fantastisk! I've finished my tree and I'm currently trying to get it gold, and oh my - it fights back! Glad to hear it is possible. :D


Oh, how it fights back – the perfect description!

I made sure everything was gold last night – in preparation to do the final skill this morning – but, just eight hours later, there were seven new skills to be strengthened first! (EDIT: And by the end of today, another five had turned...)

Keep going – you will get there!


I've had it gold a few times, but they do keep coming back. The fact is that jeg kan ikke husker alle ord enna I also keep making silly mistakes, like translating when I should transliterate, and I've noticed that first thing in the morning I'm not very alert. Great way to learn the basics of a language though: Duolingo suits my learning style perfectly, and the Norwegian course is especially rich and well-thought-out.j


Hey i see you learn hungarian can i help you? I am from there


Gratulerer så mye, Leigh!

Norwegian flag cake

It's been a pleasure having you here, so I'm glad to hear (or read, rather) that you're sticking around for the big 25. Onwards and upwards!


Thank you. You've been a particular rock! (And sorry for the erroneous reports – I know there have been a few.) Will definitely stick around; I love the course and the way it is structured, and it can only do me good to keep strengthening, level 25 or not.


Wow! Well done. I started at the end of December (34 day streak). How long did you stop for prior to your restart, if you don't mind me asking, Leigh? I am looking forward to reaching a level when I can send a message such as this one in Norwegian & am wondering how long that will take. As you say, it is a very well structured course. I would never have believed that I could learn a language online in this way but it's really working. Well done again!


I don't think I ever actually stopped – I was just pootling about doing ~20XP a day (including other languages) and letting my tree get multi-coloured.

So in September, starting from about 7.5k XP at level 15, I restarted – and eschewed all other languages for the duration! By doing 70-80 XP a day, I reached level 20 (and 15k XP) by mid December (3 months), and since then – by doing 100+ XP a day – I've reached just under 21k on level 22.

I can certainly say that since September, with the 70+ XP a day, my learning has massively, massively improved. The constant repetition (always strengthening before moving on – which sometimes meant not moving on for days at a time) meant things really began to stick and I stopped floundering.


Wow! The Norwegian course is huge. Good job! I am leaving you a lingot because this is a huge accomplishment.

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