"Our driver draws in the free time."

Translation:Șoferul nostru face desen în timpul lui liber.

February 1, 2018



That's the worst translation I've ever seen. First of all the phrase itself "Soferul nostru face desen on timpul liber" is completely wrong. It should have been "Soferul nostru deseneaza in timpul liber. " The translation would be: Our driver draws in his free time.

July 30, 2018


It's should be "Șoferul desenează in timpul liber" and in e glish it sbould be "Our driver draws in his free time". Fix your errors please before people start learning the language wrong

December 13, 2018


This one is wrong both in Romanian and in English. It should be like this: Romanian: Șoferul nostru pictează/desenează în timpul lui/său liber. English: Our driver draws in HIS free time.

December 9, 2018
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