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Verben mit präpositionen

Is there any anyway we can remember the verb and the respective Prepositions?

Verb+akk.Preposition and Verb+dat.Preposition

Even though I'm practicing, it is very hard to remember.. Could you anyone please help me....

February 1, 2018



Here is a table with the prepositions and grammatical causes used with them, as well as a bit of explanations: (https://en.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/German/Grammar/Prepositions_and_Postpositions)

And here are even better examples: (https://yesgerman.com/learn-german/lesson-20-dative-und-accusative-prepositions/)

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Thanks, why doesn't anybody up vote good answers?

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Can you explain what a postposition is?


Postposition goes after the word it modifies - in contrast to prepositions, which are placed before it.

Some of them can be placed both after and before the word:
PERSON nach = nach PERSON - according to person

Here's a post that explains it well :)


For a starting point, probably this Memrise course: https://www.memrise.com/course/61415/100-german-verbs-with-prepositions/ that gives you a bunch in flashcard format.

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