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Zum vs für (the overlooked question)

So as the title states......i wanted to know the difference between "zum" and "für" when they come in the meaning of "for". Z.B. : Dieses Geld is fürs Essen. Dieses Geld is zum Essen. Is there a real difference between the two sentences? When zu means "for"? Another quick question: can "durch" mean "due to"?

If someone can answer these questions it would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance ^^ .

February 1, 2018



"Dieses Geld ist für Essen" means that you are supposed to buy food with it.

"Dieses Geld ist zum Essen" means that you can eat the money itself.


Tyvm I can understand the general idea....but could you give me a rule or something so that I can know when to use für and zum?


durch can mean due to. Probably best if someone else answers your other question...


Hmm so maybe an example would really help )

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I see fürs being used seldomly. What exactly is the meaning of fürs and how is it different than für. Is it perhaps an archaic usage in some expressions?


Für das => fürs

Für Essen: for food

Fürs Essen: for a specific meal

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