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Japanese learning game

Hi everyone, I love the Japanese language, so I tried building a game to help other Japanese students. The game is about counting objects, and you run a little shop.

I would love some feedback, so if you're willing to try it, check it out here: http://mel-meow.com/nandemoya/prototipo/en.html

Thank you so much! Let me know if you have any questions =)

February 1, 2018



Looks really good! There's some bugs indeed (avatar, overview, customers etc) but the whole idea is pretty neat! I'm in love with the designs. Did you do the backend yourself too?

Take my lingot hehe


This is so cute and helpful, I had a problem in changing sex and skin color

Thank you ^__^


Thank you so much for trying it! In the meantime you can't change the character, but that will be possible in the real game.


It's soo fun, thank you for creating this. Three lingots for you. :)


Thank you for testing it! =)


Great game! Very fun to play! :)


Thanks for trying it! =)


Thank you for testing!


Brilliant ! Thanks a lot for your effort


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


That's too bad, thanks for trying though!


I'm not anywhere near the point of actually playing it yet, but the art is cute, and the idea behind teaching amateurs like me how to figure sentences are good. You're getting languages mixed up a bit, but I love the work so far. :D


Hi ghoul928290, what knowledge do you think you're still lacking to play? Have you already memorized the hiragana and katakana?


It's a cute little prototype although there are some language mix-ups.

"san ringo" might look obvious mas it's incorrect.

"Mas" is Portuguese (for "but") and "novo" (in the diary, it means "new").
"mérchandise" (with the accented e) is French (Just take away the accent for English).
There may be more (I don't think the settings are intended to be translated yet). I also checked out the main site and it looks like you have the programming and art skills to finish it.


Hi Chartokai, thanks for pointing out these mistakes!


This is pretty good!!! I'm looking forward to the full release, seems promising!!


Thanks for trying! =)


So, I clicked through the avatar creation and it took me to a three-panel web comic of a fox digging through rubbish bins. I suspect there's supposed to be something else, but I can't find it.


Ah. I see what happened. It's an embedded frame, but I'm using a Mac laptop, so scrolling through it isn't easy for me.


Hi Rhett, I see, thanks for pointing that out!


There are a few bugs at the start of the game (avatar, name selection) but other than that, very good job! ありがとうございます!


I really like the game


So cute and fun! (Even though I don’t know any Japanese yet). I love the design!


Thank you for testing it!

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Lovely, it's so cute!


this is a really cute and fun game, but since im still used to reading japanese its a bit tricky(frustrating). otherwise i really like it! keep up the good work :D


I understand, there will be an option of romaji reading, so hopefully it helps beginners. Thanks for trying! =)


Love the characters, かわいい!The game doesn't look quite complete though, with bugs lurking here and there, but I think this is the start of something great! Getting to learn Japanese while playing a game, I think this is an awesome idea! If you are looking for someone to colab with, my programming skills are top notch (did it in university), I am native English, my Japanese is somewhere between beginner and intermediate though.


Hi Brandon, yes, it's a prototype, so not everything works yet. Great to know you program, I already have a partner developer, but if it doesn't work out I will contact you =)


I LOVE this game! It's really cute and fun to play! I can't believe you made this all yourself, good job!


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it =)


i loved it, ty so much dude u r a fking genius


Its awesome! I have trouble with the actual avatar part and the name and stuff. Some buttons won't work. But over all very cute and a great idea!!


The game won't load for me it just keeps loading the website and says the site can't be reached


Hey, I have no clue if you will see this due to th thread being made 2 months ago. But I have seen improvement greatly in the game, and I would love to help you with your game if at all possible. If you wish too, you could message me on instagram @kyrakittens81 or my twitter @Kyra_Channn. Of course this is just an offer, but I would love to help someway ^^ If you need to contant me anyway else just ket me know ^*^ Thanks ^^


Hi Kyra, I still get updates from this thread =) Happy to know you checked out the prototype again, I thought no one was still accessing it, lol, I'm working on the final adjustments to finish the first version. Added you on Instagram. Do you make illustrations? I have ideas for other games, we could talk about it if you're interested =)


I messaged you on Instagram ^^


I know i am late and all but I think you should add a setting for other languages


Hi Ruby, it's never late for feedback! Thanks for your suggestion, I was thinking about adding a language settings, do you have a particular language in mind?


Maybe Spanish or french


You should make a website or email so people can give you suggestions


Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion :)


great ! have a lingot for that


I really enjoyed this, thank you for making it! I love the colours you've chosen, it's a really visually relaxing. Have some lingots! :)

The one criticism I would make is that, although I selected kana, the shop customers still spoke back to me in romaji which was disconcerting. It's an uncomfortable brain sensation to switch back and fourth. Overall I really enjoyed it, keen to keep playing! :)


I love your game but I think I need to learn more Japanese words first before I play this game. Keep working on it and it will be even better.

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