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"Do dogs only see black-and-white?"

Translation:Sehen Hunde nur schwarz-weiß?

February 1, 2018



Why is "schwarz und weiß" marked wrong?


Because, like in in English, “schwarz(-)weiß” is a set phrase (same reason you can't say “white and black” in English).


And how are supposed to know that? The tips don't even show that?


Who said you were supposed to know that?


You aren't supposed to know it before you encounter it here. In English, "black and white" refers to monochromatic vision or media, not literally black and white, so it would have to be taught that German uses schwarz-weiß as the equivalent.

It also might be worth knowing that dogs see in color, although not with the same variety of colors that humans see. That won't help you with your German, but it would have been better to use the term in a better context.


Isn't it great they teach you then? Duolingo is not a game that you need cheats to score.


Ja,manche hunde sehen schwarz und weiß.

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