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The new achievement awards

The new achievement awards are great! However, I have been trying to get one as an over achiever (50 XPs in a day) but it is not showing up. Anyone else having this problem?

February 1, 2018



Maybe You Should Report It To Duolingo


Wait a little bit. I got 200 XP in a day once and didn't get the achievement, but some time later it showed up. :)


I would also wait a little bit, agreeing with you, @FrenchByte.


It has been a couple of days :(


Same here. My 50+ XP days aren't registering. The overachiever bar has been stuck on 34/50 for weeks, even though I've exceeded 50 XPs on many days since then.


My Overachiever Award says 200 XP in a day, not 50. Does it vary from person to person?


Mine says "Earn 50 XP in a day," so it must vary for different users. But this might explain the problem. Maybe the system is waiting for me to make 200 XP in a day before registering as an achievement, even though the heading still says 50.


I think you may have to earn 50 XPs in a day 50 times. I looked at mine and it is a score out of 50. I'm up to 20. That's how I understand it.


Mine are not even registering on the bar :(

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