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  5. "Lui nu îi plăcea pictura."

"Lui nu îi plăcea pictura."

Translation:He did not like to paint.

February 1, 2018



I almost certain that the sentence can also be... "He did not like the painting".

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In Romanian "pictura" is both the action and its result. Not sure if in English you can refer to the action using the definite article like in your construction. I think it would be "He did not like painting." to refer to the action.


The correct should be "Lui nu-i plăcea să picteze"


Why 'lui' and not 'el'?


Because it's the dative. The subject of the sentence is pictura.


Why not using the word "să" ??


If "pictura" is the subject why is translated as " to paint" - which is verb not a noun? Is it mistake or difference between expresions in languages? Mateus is right for me.


"To paint" is not the subject in the English translation. Because Romanian uses a word that literally means "to please" while English usually uses "to like".

To have an infinitive as subject is possible in English, but using the gerund is more common: Painting didn't please him.

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