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  5. "Try it with kimchi!"

"Try it with kimchi!"

Translation:김치와 드셔보세요!

February 1, 2018


[deactivated user]

    The dictionary hints say that "try it" can either be 해보세요 or 시도한다, but the correct answer is 드셔보세요, where did this word come from?


    As far as i understand it it's a combination of 드시다 and 보다. 드시다 is apparently the honorific form of "to eat" or "to drink", while 보다 means "to see" and can also mean "to try" combined with some other verbs. So 드셔보세요 translates rather to "try eating it" than to "try it". 해보세요 then means "try doing it"

    http://www.learnkoreanlp.com/2008/09/try.html?m=1 the only one i could find rn referring to this topic


    stop making me hungryyy


    Is there anything about the translation that makes it honorific, or is that just assumed because of the unit?


    Why not ''김치와 함께 드셔보세요.'' ?


    I think it is because the 와(= and) already implies that there are multiple things.


    No! (와/과)/하고 can also mean 'with'.


    Why is "시다" in the verb twice?


    드셔 means eat, (respectfully) 보세요 means try it So, the whole verb put together means "try to eat it" and then 김치와 means "with kimchi," so it is "try to eat it with kimchi," or just "try it with kimchi."


    Didn't accept "김치하고 드셔보십시오". Is it incorrect?


    How common is it for native speakers to use -와 dangling like this? My first (non-native) instinct is to use -하고

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