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  5. Just reached level 25.


Just reached level 25.

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It took me about a year and a half.

There's not really anywhere to go from here in the course, is there? I think I'm going to stop practicing this tree at this point. I still have a ways to go on the English-for-Romanian-speakers one. Plus all of the other practice I do. I'd say I have this material pretty well internalized at this point.

Thanks Duolingo/Romanian team! I don't think I would have ever actually studied Romanian if it weren't for this course. It's a very cool language and I'm looking forward to putting it to use IRL in a month or two.

February 1, 2018



Well done!! :D That must have taken a lot of dedication!

[deactivated user]

    Congrats, bro! I hope to reach that far in the future.


    Congrats! I just started Romanian, it is such a beaultiful language but it is hard to learn. Do you have any plans to actually visit Romania or Moldova? You have to!!

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    Yeah, I'm planning on being in Romania for a few months starting in April or May, and doing a jaunt over to Moldova to spend some time there as well.



    Congratulations for this monumental achievement! :-D

    Whenever you get to Romania, let me know if you pass through Iași. I am currently studying Computer Science there. Ne putem vedea la un ceai sau o cafea, dacă ai timp. ;-)

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    Îmi place idea! A merge în Iași deja era o parte planului meu, se pare fain orașul ăla. Și mereu vreau să cunosc oameni în țări străine. Ne vorbim!

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