"The costume"

Translation:Il costume

March 19, 2013

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Costume in American English does not mean bathing suit as it does in Italian. Costume is something you wear to a masquerade. I'm not sure what the editors mean when they use this word.


Costume in Italian can refer both to swimsuits (as a shortening of "costume da bagno") and to something you wear to a masquerade. So it's quite obvious what is meant here: https://www.amazon.it/costumi-carnevale/s?k=costumi+di+carnevale


If costume is masculine Why is it not Il costumo?


The noun/adjective singular ending is not always -o/-a. "costume" is derived from Latin cōnsuētūdō (ending in -o), but indirectly, via Vulgar Latin *costumen, simplified to "costume" as words in italian normally end in a vowel.


So, does this also mean bathing suit as it says elsewhere in Duolingo...?


I've learnt the word il completo for mens costume.


I think you mean a man's suit, or business suit.


Yes I do. -English is not my oqn language, maybe I get the English costume wrong.


A costume is usually a set of clothes that is worn in theatrical plays, or at certain kinds of parties (Halloween, Mardi Gras, costume parties, etc.) or to depict a style of clothing from the past (for example, at some historical museums). A woman's suit is still sometimes called a costume in British English, and British English sometimes calls swimwear "swimming costumes", while Americans prefer to say "swimsuits" or "bathing suits". :)


I saw it also means outfit. Why was it marked incorrect?


Where did you see that? It could only take that meaning in a Halloween, carnival or cosplay outfit, but without qualifiers it's too generic.


Previously Duolingo translated 'il costume' to 'the swimsuit'. In this lesson it's translated as 'the costume'. In Australian English the word 'costume' usually means a special dress-up outfit for ball or carnival, or theatre. It can also be called a 'bathing costume' and that would signify swimwear. Does the Italian 'il costume' encompass both?

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